Chicago, Illinois, April 4, 1997

Hello to you all from the road. I've stopped over here at the CLBTP home base in Chicago. Visiting with the webpage wizard Nigel Rowe who so kindly has made this page available. My shows have been lots of fun so far. Last night I played here in Chicago at The Empty Bottle and it was not the least bit empty, chock full of Chitown music fans. Did the show with Babe the Blue Ox, which I liked alot.

Night before last was in St. Louis and that show was a total blast. Jordan of Little Yellow Pills got the word out along with Beatle Bob and his radio show, that I was in town. So the peoples were primed. We all had a great time hanging out.

Man, lots of driving. Fortunately my girlfriend Elizabeth Hummel is on the road with me. You may see here performing here or there cuz she's opening some of my shows. We've actually been having a road angel red chevrolet yogurt eatin' velvet wearin' red wine drinkin laughing our heads off lunar eclipse through pine tree worshipping comet out the rearview window kinda time. And oh wow the great Columbia river and walking along the Colorado river letting soulfull wordspirit soar up with high flyin birds in Rockies and poetry jam in Denver at The Mercury Cafe, there was a messianic visitation from Michelle Domingue of my book Memoirs of a Female Messiah.

Hello you friends on the road, new and old. May the muse-y spirit of music and writ be with you all . If we haven't seen you yet we'll see you in due time. And if you have friends of music along our tour route please let them know of the shows. Nigel will keep you updated on changes and additions.

Check out my show on Mt. Stage NPR radio which should air some time shortly after the taping date (April 27). And dadadadada......See ya on the flipside...

Thurs. April 10

We're on our way to Ypsalanti/Ann Arbor today. We've (Elizabeth and me) have had a few unexpected days off in Chicago, due to Toledo being cancelled. So we took full advantage of the situation (and our friends Nigel and Karen) and got plenty of well needed rest and great sushi and had a brief but deep visit to the Chi Art Institute.

Mary Cassatt (spelling?), Innes (of the landscapes) and amazing stuff from Egypt, Rome, and on up in history. I've always had a thing for prehistory. A coupla days ago we played in Minneapolis at Bryant Lake Bowl. Yes it is a bowling alley. But it's also a cafe and theatre space. It was a very rainey dark Minney day we unloaded our guitars and the toy piano and braved the cold. Well next morning we experienced a deeper cold , it was snowing. In fact the interstate all the way down to Madison that day was a big snow drift. Snakey tindrils of snow wiggling cross the hwy like ghosty sidewinders.

We made it through the the blizzard and played sunday night at the Art House Cafe, which was a blast. Thanks all for coming out despite severe conditions, and rockin out with Eliz. and meself.

Gotta get on the road now. Storm a brewing here in Chi, gotta get to Ann Arbor tonight. And see you at the show tomorrow.

Cindy Lee Berryhill,

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