Summer 1996

Dear Newsletter folks,

Well, hello from the land of the CLBGO. Once again I welcome you to the newsletter-been sometime since I scratched so many words on paper and sent them out to you. Geeze, it's been a busy time. I, CLB, without the G.O.(this time), just recently returned from a grand European tour, wherein I played shows in Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, England, Scotland, Wales and a midnight konzert in a castle in Austria.

Took the trusty ol' 1938 Martin guitar and a duffle bag and off I did go: over Alps, travel by train, along the Rhein river, by jet foil to England over the North Sea, a visit to Stonehenge on my birthday, climbed the Glastonbury Tor. Some of the crowds brought out my old records and photos they'd taken from my 1989 European shows. A guy in Amsterdam presented me with a book called Profiles with photos and chapters written about lots of artists like Thurston Moore, John Cale, Youssou N'Dour, Diamanda Galas etc. and there I was in there, my chapter's the one after Alex Chilton's. Weird.

At the concert in Narberth, Wales the opening act was a European Ecology Roadshow pretty cool idea, but I think their slogans were better then their singing. Anyway, here I am playing solo and a bunch of teens get up and start dancing to UFO SUITE yelling "come back soon" and stuff. Ha. Well, I'm going back soon but not to Wales, London only this time.

At my show in London (The Garage) STEREOLAB played also. And that was great cuz I love them so. But the lead keyboardist turned me on to their friend Sean of the HIGH LAMAS. So I went right out and bought their CD "Gideon Gay" and it's Great! Especially if you love, like I do, Brian Wilson's "Pet Sounds" and "Smile".

Also,in London last month, on my day off I snuck into a press only Patti Smith show in a Hyde Park art gallery. Bunch o' European press types drinking alot staring at each other, talkin' loud and kicking their empty beer glass's around. But the show was great. And if you haven't seen her yet well, fer goddsake go! Her guitar player, Lenny Kaye, is a cool/nerdy rockgod plus he produced my album "Naked Movie Star".

But wow what a time I had, six weeks of touring in all. I've had just enough time now back in San Diego, to dig the summer surf and see a few friends and now I'm off again for London then out to see ya all in the USofA. To you, in San Diego, my little radio show on KPBS "Postcards from the Road" will continue in August on Dan Irwin's friday morning shows.

Some of you have been writing asking whether I have other recorded offerings, here then is my Discography.

Though the two Rhino recordings are out of print, you can still buy the vinyl from:

PO BOX 381975
        CAMBRIDGE, MA. 02238
(fax) 617-547-2838 (ph) 617-868-3385

The two recent CD's may be carried or ordered by your local store. Sometimes your best bet is the big ones like Tower. And if you like it, tell someone about it, cuz you guys are my publicity department.

Also, (sell sell) If you're interested in the poster to the new CD we'll be selling them for $15.00 including shipping. It's the little kid picture of me on the back of the CD, my dad took that photo when we lived in Delano (home of Cesar Chavez) California. Give us lots of time to send them out to you, as I said it's been a busy year.

Well 'nuff said, see you guys out there on the road.

    cindylee berryhill

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