The Living Room Tour 

"Bring the music to the people.  Bring the people to the music."

Cindy Lee Berryhill and Elizabeth Hummel, two singer-songwriters based in San Diego, California, are embarking on a new kind of musical tour in the northeastern U.S.A. in early August 1997, thanks to the Internet and the enthusiastic and supportive fans of their singer-songwriter friend Jewel Kilcher.

A group of 1000 Jewel fans who call themselves the EDAs (Everyday Angels) send personal messages to each other daily on an Internet "mailing list" that differs from most music discussion groups on the Internet in the participants' idealism, their friendliness towards each other (getting together in person on occasions other than Jewel performances) and their interest in (and growing enthusiasm for) other musicians from the "scene" (or anyway city) where Jewel found her muse, such as Berryhill, Hummel, Steve Poltz of the Rugburns (co-author of Jewel's huge hit "You Were Meant for Me") and others.

Berryhill and Hummel found themselves with a few extra days in Boston last April when a Berryhill gig in Albany was rescheduled at the last minute. They contacted an EDA friend in Los Angeles who, with 24 hours notice, arranged a party at a private home in Boston via the Internet that brought together 20 EDAs from all over New England.  The ladies sang and played for four hours and the audience responded so enthusiastically that soon the Internet was ringing with requests from around the U.S. for another "EDA Cafe."  Berryhill and Hummel responded by offering to play a "Living Room Tour" of EDA house parties if the hosts would cover travel expenses by charging $10 per attendee and if logistical issues of travel distance and time could be worked out.

So, at a time when the live music business in the U.S. is having great difficulty getting people out of their homes to attend big-name concert tours, a new form of musical D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) is being pioneered by Berryhill and Hummel, who will play Old Bridge NJ, Lancaster PA, Cincinnati, Greenfield IN, South Bend IN (the only non-EDA living room show, organized by the father of a young woman who saw Berryhill perform on a visit to San Diego), Toledo, Cape Cod, Boston and Long Island between Aug. 1 and Aug. 11.

Some would-be EDA hosts were disappointed when their cities couldn't be fit into the low-budget itinerary, but plans are already being made for future Living Room Tours, and Berryhill and Hummel have promised to play for what seems likely to become a large EDA gathering on a Canadian  island between Vancouver and Seattle, made possible by Berryhill's scheduled appearance a few days later at Seattle's annual Bumbershoot Festival.

Elizabeth Hummel is a well-established performer in San Diego clubs and coffee houses whose first album, The Caldron, was released in 1995.  Cindy Lee Berryhill has released four albums, including 1996's Straight Outta Marysville; England's Record Collector magazine says she is "as unconventional and inspired as any rock performer in America...tomorrow's cult artist today."   Jewel Kilcher has sold more than three million copies of her first album, Pieces of You.   The EDAs offer hope that Internet communities are not limited to sitting in front of computer screens.

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