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Her Garage Orchestra release on Cargo/Earth Music is infused with the spirit of Brian Wilson and the chunky rhythms of her own big red Gibson guitar -- the result is a sort of Velvet Underground meets The Beach Boys. Cindy Lee's two earlier Rhino releases (now out of print, but spotted regularly in the bins) reflect a simpler anti-folk pop-punk sensibility. "She Has Everything," off her debut LP, is reminiscent of mid-period Kinks and can be found on the 1995 anthology The Rhino Records Story

-- James K. Cribb (Audities Encyclopedia of Modern Pop)

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Official Cindy Lee Berryhill site

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"Listeners Find a Thrill with Cindy Lee Berryhill" cover story (11/06)
and interview in San Diego Troubadour Magazine (free login required)

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Living Room 16 CD now available!

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"...headful of tunes by Berryhill"
Is Cindy Lee better than Jewel? Sample some recent postings discussing this burning issue on the Patti Smith inspired Babel-list mailing list.

View some great
Cindy Lee photos and other memorabilia at Electric LA.



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