Future Folklore Tapes 

Hi friends of CLB,

I'm Alan (aka MrBB) & I'm Jewel Kilcher's recording archive manager & occasional internet liaison for her management to her mailing list. In the past I've enjoyed producing a few "authorized" tapes made exclusively for Jewel's mailing list (aka The EDAs.) My next project like this is a bit different. It's the beginning of a hopefully ongoing series of special EDA related performances by other San Diego area artist's (including CLB) called "Future Folklore."

These tapes are distributed free of charge. You simply supply the blanks, mailer & return postage & the tapes will be returned full. CLB fans who'd like to volunteer dubbing time or to simply sign up should contact Mike Connell at
Mike will be the head administrator for the Jewel, Rugburns & Cindy Lee lists sign up.

Here is part of my post to Jewel's list explaining this project in detail. I hope you find these recordings as enjoyable as I have.

Best Wishes,


Hi all,

I'd like to take this opportunity to explain my new project called "Future Folklore."

There's been many great EDA parties around the country. Some of these had incredible entertainment provided by other San Diego area musicians such as The Rugburns, Cindy Lee Berryhill, Elizabeth Hummel & Gregory Page. (All friends of Jewel, by the way.)

In the case of the Hot Dog Festival (HDF), thrown by the Morales Family in Dana Point, CA., Steve & Jeff (aka Stinky) from The Rugburns dropped by & played a short but wonderfully unique set. There's many brand new songs & those who were there can testify it was quite unlike any Rugburns show of late.

Shortly after that, an impromptu EDA Cafe (EDAC) was thrown together at the Snyder family's home in Boston, MA. Cindy Lee Berryhill & Elizabeth Hummel canceled a gig in Albany & joined us for an incredible night of music & EDA hilarity. I'm sure Cindy Lee & Elizabeth will agree it was a highlight of their tour. It was certainly the longest gig of the tour! (I'd also like to say that any hard-core "Pet Sounds/Smile era Brian Wilson" fans will be absolutely blown away by Cindy Lee's new "keyboard" material. I personally love "Antarctica", "Family Tree", "Aquamarine" & "She Won't Even Try" more than any other songs I've heard by anyone this year. I mean it too!)

I plan on distributing (free of charge, of course) the 1st two volumes of a new ongoing tape tree series that will contain all the performances from both of these events. These particular EDA events are becoming legendary & thus the name "Future Folklore." Both these events were recorded without the use of a mixing desk & are more reflective of the actual events. The music is still crystal clear but you can hear the EDA interaction (as well as the birds & ocean at HDF.)

It's also important to note that the musicians have all been incredibly generous to authorize the release of these recordings for this project.

These first two volumes of "Future Folklore" will consist of two 100 minute cassettes. A track list and performer schedule is included here.

"FUTURE FOLKLORE" Volumes 1 & 2


Key to who is performing:
* Cindy Lee Berryhill (EDA Cafe, Boston, MA 4-18-97)
# Elizabeth Hummel (EDA Cafe, Boston, MA 4-18-97)
+ Steve Poltz & Stinky (The Hot Dog Festival, Dana Point, CA 4-9-97)
  Tape One Side A Writer
# Sizzle Hummel
# Only For the Innocent Hummel
# The Goodwill Store Hummel
* Damn, I Wish I was A Man Berryhill
* Riddle, Riddle Berryhill
* She Won't Even Try Berryhill
# Banana Hummel
# Walking to San Francisco Hummel
  Tape One Side B Writer
*# Annie's Song J. Denver
# Eloise Hummel
# Circus Of Love Hummel
# Miracle Mile Hummel
* Scariest thing in the World Berryhill
* Antarctica Berryhill
*# Ba Dah Dah Berryhill
* Memoirs of a Female Messiah Berryhill
* Family Tree Berryhill
  Tape Two Side A Writer
# The Promise Hummel
# Ocean Hummel
*# Sour Grapes Hummel
* Diane Berryhill
* Jane & John Berryhill
* California Berryhill
*# Aquamarine Berryhill
*# Radio Astronomy Berryhill
  Tape Two Side B Writer
# Janey's Song Hummel
# Regrets Hummel
# Sailing Hummel
+ Slippin' & Slidin' Away Rugburns
+ Grandpa's Song Poltz
+ Rainbow Poltz & Lisa Sanders
+ Johnny McAdoo traditional-Irish
+ Star of the County Down traditional-Irish
+ Spiderboy Poltz & Spooky Rueben

EDA CAFE recorded by MrBB & Phil Kelnhofer
HOT DOG FEST recorded by Tegan Godwin
re-mastering & post production-MrBB
J-Card Art & Design-Dennis Harris

Undying Gratitude to:
Tom and Nancy Morales for HDF
Jack, Karen and Chris Snyder for EDAC
Jewel Kilcher for bringing us together

Inter coastal relations
Larry Greenfield