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Monday, January 7, 2008

The first word that comes to mind

Sometimes idle browsing on the internet nets some interesting finds...this site asks visitors to 'play', and they find themselves presented with a word and have to type in the first word that comes to mind. The most amusing results I found so far were for Clinton. It's an interesting application, if search engines deliver based on keyword and phrases, and SEO is rooted in similar methodology, might there not be an extended application for these results as well? Some kind of algorithm like the following for example:

word relation score = (number of times a word is associated by visitors* medhigh weight) + (number of times word presented for association*medlow weight) + (number of time word is 'passed'*highnegative weight) + (number of times work is 'answered'*highpositive weight) + (number of times site abandoned when visitor engaged in process til word introduced for matching* highest weight)

Then search engines might also filter out results that have a high probability of resulting in search visitor abandonment, or deliver results that might not match synonyms or key words or appear in paid ads but still be relevent to certain segments of customers.

Would be interesting data to append to web and search data, and use the new variables related for visitor segmentation. Anyone come across anything related?

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