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Thursday, January 10, 2008

More thoughts on Google Trends and a Wikipedia Visitor Tracker

Google Trends, introduced to the blog last year, is a current indicator of most popular search terms (presumably only on Google, right?) and then occurance of related news articles on the topic. Apparently still in beta version and with intermittent support, if the information in Wikipedia is up to date. How could the 'most viewed' or 'most emailed' news information factor into this graphic representation of a cross tab? Wouldn't a volume measure of articles or number or times a single article was viewed or emailed be a more accurate measure of public interest? Google Hot Trends is similar but from a 24 hour perspective.

Here's a neat Wikipedia tool that keeps tabs on most viewed links for any given day.

Has anyone come across other Search Engine keyword tracking...a Yahoo Trends for example? Or better yet one that consolidates most popular searches across all search engines?

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