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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008 is the Year To Share Data

Facebook announced today they are joining the Dataportability Workgroup This unexpected move could help accelerate acceptance from other large social websites. APML is another data sharing protocol that is gaining some momentum. Essentially it is an attempt to define a common set of standards to allow personal Attention Profile data (bookmarks, photos, blog posts, browsing history, music interests, etc) to be transported (painlessly) to other web services and applications.

For instance you could group together items for public consumption separately from those for specific private groups and publish appropriate access for each, even though the items themselves are located in different places.

Now if only we could resolve all the issues surrounding data privacy.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's Your Data - You Should Be Able to Share It!

The ability to take the data that you upload on a website and use it elsewhere is a fundamental feature that is missing on many popular websites. Facebook for instance allows you to easily import all your address book contacts, but there is no means to export these same details. Yahoo Mail lets you export your e-mail messages but only if you subscribe to their premium mail package. Flickr provides lots of tools for uploading multiple photos at a time, let third-party tools are needed to copy the same photos elsewhere. There should be a middle ground that allows your stuff to be easily mixed and shared. is a new resource point that discusses the standards, tools, arguments and initiatives that are shaping this debate.

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