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Friday, December 7, 2007

Public Records on Google, and a new breed of Search Engines

So far major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have not been indexing online state public records. That previously hard to locate information will start coming up in search results as the search engines start indexing the information.

So far five states have formed a partnership with Google, and their free software and consulting to support the plan, to make state public records more visable on the web.

On a related note, Search is going vertical. Check out this list of less mainstream engines that focus on either local, or industry-specific segments. How do you think this shift to smaller and more specific engines will impact the Search industry, and solutions, and current SEO best practices? Has anyone tried these or others, and found a new favorite? I tried out out of curiosity, typed in 'Affinium Model', which is an automated predictive modeling software componant of the Unica Affinium Enterprise Marketing Management I query often enough on Google to have a comparison point with the results. Strangely enough, it provided a list of relevant links but in the fourth or so natural result slot I found the following. Somehow right back to the main search engine topic. Looks like a reminder of a good resource for staying on top of search unexpectedly rewarding search experience, if slightly off query topic.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Different View of Google News

Has anyone seen Newsmap? Although it's been around for a while now, this website creates an alternate graphical view of the Google News homepage. News stories with the most links to external news sources are positioned in a larger context than less popular ones. At a quick glance viewers can see all the day's news in a visually compelling manner, without having to scroll or spend time reading for relevancy.

Alternate country Google News views can be overlaid with a single mouse click, allowing for the visual "hot news" metaphor to be applied across other cultures. It's a fascinating glimpse of how data can be presented in new ways.

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