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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wombagging and other 2008 Buzzword predictions

The ClickZ Network has released their 2008 Buzzword favorite is wombagging, which is the art of protecting a brand from bad word-of-mouth, and the article suggests that there may be a shift where companies invest in a FTE dedicated to stopping the spread of negative brand references on the web, by purchasing negative paid keywords, using video to address the criticism, reverse SEO.

Do you think there's an analytical or empirical method around now to accurately measure WOM baseline and trends related to brand without hiring a third party vendor like NetRating or Comscore (what are the others?)? How about online market share? Is this search traffic or site visits, views or time on site, and how to compare between two brands? Google Trends? The measurement isn't precise, as has found. In my own professional experience I've seen this to be true. Visitor statisitcs vary widely from one web analytic tool to the next. Part of it is attributed to how the tool handles bots, variations of definitions of visit/view and other metrics, and if the tool works with tags or log files. What's your experience with the validity of web data for e-mail marketing purposes. Is this data reliable enough yet to draw conclusions from, and which tools do you prefer for web analytics?

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