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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cisco on the Big Screen

Cisco CEO John Chambers predicts his company will figure largely in the next phase of the internet, one that will be characterized by increased productively due to technological advances in video, videoconferencing and telepresence. He predicts that growing usage of podcasts and blogging will also drive demand for network capacity...which is Cisco's original playground.

Cisco has coined the phrase 'telepresence' to refer to a 'room-sized multiple-screen system for face-to-face meetings between users in multiple locations', which provides the opportunity to reach more customers globally than ever before, without a need to travel. Therefore wider global customer reach, along with reduced travel and time costs. Chambers believes this will dramatically impact how companies engage their customers, and new business models will arise. He expects Cisco to be well-positioned for these changes.

How do you feel technological changes will impact multi-channel marketing? What challenges to you forsee in measuring videoconferencing and blogging-related marketing efforts? Have you worked with analytic tools that collect and report on this data now? I've worked with one personally, that can handle mobile marketing data, where data is accessible in a format such that it's possible to append back at an individual level for predictive modeling and targeting market efforts.

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