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Monday, September 17, 2007

Social networking

I found an interesting article in today’s Financial Times – ‘Yahoo takes on social networks’. Yahoo generated a new website called Mash. This is Yahoo’s second attempt to launch a social network. Do you think that Mash could compete with MySpace and Facebook here in the USA?

Another article in today’s Financial Times – ‘CEO who puts profits second’. This is an article about the CEO of Craigslist, a popular website among users. Unlike any other CEO, Jim Buckmaster puts profits second. His management philosophy is different from other companies, yet they hit the jackpot. To quote some of his management philosophies: (1) No meetings, ever. “I find them stupefying and useless”. (2) No management programs and no MBAs. Do you think there’s a chance in the near future that they will be bought by Yahoo, Google, or even Microsoft?


At September 17, 2007 11:29 AM , Blogger Kim Chulis said...

This is an old (2004) link, but I didn't know that Ebay has a 25% share of Craigslist.

It competes with job boards, online dating sites, household service finder sites, online auctions, events listings, advertising in general...and more. Which of those categories represents the largest revenue potential? Look forward to reading the FT article to learn more. Neat topic!


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