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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Meeting topics?

Does anyone have any topics they'd like to discuss at the next meetup? With our diverse interests we lose a lot of time explaining what something is, so if people have time they can look things up beforehand.

I'd like to discuss Google Trends. As a marketing tool I am confident that it can play a role at some stage of research, but as I have no marketing experience, I cannot tell how powerful it is. What do the experienced marketing folks think?

Here are some elements to consider:

If it is super-useful, what does it mean that anyone can get the same data immediately and for free?

The trend maps provide only relative information--they only number they provide is the date. Thus, if you display one search-term, the information only tells you the variance--it is only a ratio compared to the average search-rate. How helpful is this? The data has to be somewhere, right? Does Google not want to share the specifics for some reason?

If anyone else has any topics, please post them! Here are a couple entertaining google-trends searches:




easter seals


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