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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Future of News

What's a newspaper to do in this new age of the Interwebs? A thought-provoking article published earlier this year on the iA blog discusses this media shift with added emphasis on the user interface itself. Is the online version of a printed paper the same albeit in a different format? At what point should the two versions diverge? And then the classic conundrum, should the online version be free?

Also check out their fascinating Web Trends 2007 map. The evolution of the 200 most successful websites is plotted out like a city Subway map displaying proximity, category, popularity and other key attributes relative to each other.

iA is an interesting brand strategy company based in Japan (brand = interface). FYI. Did you know that in late July (once also-ran) gaming company Nintendo overshot Sony to become the fifth largest company in Japan by market value? This was purely on the back of the successful Wii launch, and the rethink about who their future audience was.

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