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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New years Eve type survey question thingy.....

Thanks to my friend Pauline, I was moved to pull together some thoughts at the dawning of this new age, I mean year.

Where are you spending your New Years this year?
A friend is hosting a five course dinner party for a small group of friends. Each couple/person attending has to bring a bottle of champagne.

How do you usually spend New Years?
With friends and wrapped up warm!

What do you drink on New Years?
Wine, Champers, and the odd beer or three. Plus lots of water (if I remember.)

Make a special New Years dinner?
No, because someone else is!

What New years traditions do you have?
Send out an SMS message to friends who are away. This year I am using Twitter to post the message. And it took 13 minutes at midnight to actually get it out thanks to cell network overload.

Do you kiss at midnight, if so whom?
Everyone and animal in reach.

Do you watch the ball drop?
No, not in real time. Although in the States Dick Clark's Rockin' New Eve is the TV show that is the most hyped. So inevitably that gets watched at some point. As New York is 1 hour ahead of Chicago we always see a delayed broadcast. Chicago has a great fireworks show along the waterfront, except it's always -10C outside, so no one lingers.

What do you like about New Years?
The passing of time into a more adventurous future - with aircars!

What do you dislike about New Years?
The passing of good times.

Do you dress up for New Years?
Depends on where we are going. This year it was casual.

If you could be anywhere in the world for New Years, where would you be?
Somewhere warm and always with friends.

Any resolutions this year?
Still working on the list, but I guess beating procrastination would be at the top ...

Resolutions from past years?
Yup, still working on those...

What few things does the holiday make you think about at first thought?
Nothing really. Although we just returned from spending Christmas in Miami, and I have a new job lined up for 2008 so life is good.

One song from the past year that will always remind you of that year:
"My kind of year, 2007 was ... It's my kind of year!"

Did you believe New Years Y2K was the be all, end all?
No, and I traveled all the way to New Zealand to be amongst the first in the world to experience widespread panic and looting when the ATM's failed.

What new people entered your life this past year?
Actually, I made several new friends during 2007 and reinvigorated many old friendships thanks to Facebook, MySpace and honest-to-goodness, real life encounters.

What new starts entered your life?
Could you rephrase the question please.

Any regrets?
I wish I had smiled more during my crime sprees. That closed circuit camera footage was just awful!

Any moments you'll miss forever?
Until the Alzheimer's kicks in they will live with me always.

What physical thing would you change if you could for the New Year?
My breasts.

What inner thing would you change if you could?
My inner child needs to grow up a little.

Any big plans or hopes for the upcoming year?
Succeed in my job and in life. Appreciate all my friends as much as possible and win the big one with Mega Millions.

What do you always remember most every year about the past New Years?
How I answered these questions the last time around.

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