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Monday, December 17, 2007 Redux

Some time back I discussed how the social bookmarking site has proven to be the best way to remember stuff found online. Saving a site is as easy as clicking on a "save to" toolbar link. Up pops a little window with the current website URL and after adding a few tags relevant to the particular content, the address is saved to your account. Finding it again is as easy as connecting to your account and searching for one of the tags.

The beauty of this approach is that all your saved bookmarks are freed from your computer and accessible anywhere you happen to be, along with being fully searchable. A huge additional side-benefit is that sharing "favourite sites" with friends and colleagues is as simple as including their username as a tag. The next time they visit they will see your recommendations and they get the opportunity to add them to their own account. Believe me, this approach is much easier than copying the address to an e-mail, composing a message and sending it out several times each day.

Online data guru Jon Udell shares some insights into why he thinks has (so far) failed to find a broader audience despite its purchase by Yahoo in late 2006.

The Firefox browser has integrated functionality directly into the browser. This allows saved bookmarks to be accessed as easily as if they had been saved as traditional bookmarks. A Facebook addon application allows your "public" bookmarks to automagically be included in your Facebook Profile. Because new additions and updates are reflected as well, you never have to worry about maintaining shared lists.

If you aren't using already, you should consider doing so.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005
I Love
This has got to be my best web discovery of the past couple of years. An instant cure to all the bookmarks I had squirreled away over the past 11 years of web reading (ever try to find your old bookmarks?) And I'm barely even scratching the surface of del's "social" aspects. At a recent tech forum, founder Joshua Schachter explained his 5 second elevator pitch "it helps you remember things" which is a much more succinct view of the purpose behind his creation than everyone else's definition of it as "folksonomy" (a terrible conjunction.)

He clarified this as, “I don’t use the word ‘folksonomy. Tagging in delicious is about 1/3 classification and 2/3 functionality. Something easy to do that let's you recall the item. The goal isn’t to classify, it’s to remember.” (thanks to Beth Kanter for blogging his discussion.)

That said, the popular tags section of is how I discover most of my new web sites, and it has a very good signal-to-noise ratio.

Tags are the future of the web (and information management in general) I can't wait for the first "true" search engine incorporating tag technology.

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