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Saturday, May 10, 2008
Fast-Tracked Council Legislation Would Close Popular Chicago Music Venues

This is an important issue which I have only just become aware of. The Chicago city council is proposing an onerous series of changes to the legislation that governs all venues under 500 seats in Chicago. Essentially the changes are to prevent "illegal promoters" from doing business without proper licence's, background checks and insurance certification. In reality this will generate more revenue for a Council budget that has a big deficit, and has little to do with its stated aims.

A blog to collect public comments and serve as a focal point has started at

Visit today and voice your concern as well as become acquainted about the key issues.

An important thing to remember in all this, is that the recent big tragedies at music venues in Chicago (E2) and Rhode Island occurred at venues that supposedly met all the local ordinances.

In support of local alternative music venues, also, this is an issue that my friend the late great Sterno would have been extremely passionate about. In his absence I will help defend the Chicago music scene that he cared so much about.

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